Hello world Welcome to MCMC.Org

September 12th, 2013

Welcome to the MCMC! We are pleased to be able to provide this website for our partners to use as they implement this program, as well as for the sharing of information which reinforces our commitment to collaboration.

The mission of the MCMC is to deliver high quality disaster case management services to clients who meet eligibility criteria by focusing on the case management processes of assessment, planning, advocacy, linking and monitoring. To accomplish this mission, the MCMC has assembled a family of affiliate organizations who are working in concert with one another and the clients that they serve. We look forward to the successes ahead of us, and thank you for stopping by!

MCMC is excited to participate in the recently launched Neighborhood Home Program that is being administered by MDA. This project has given us the ability to solidify our organization as a stand-alone non-profit project management entity as well as the opportunity to continue our work with affiliate partners serving clients within the state. Our goals for the new MCMC are to continue to build upon our work in supporting, and providing, human service activities that seek to build stronger individuals, families and communities.

Why we do this? Watch the documentary video below.

We are working to finalize our contractual obligations for the new project, while we simultaneously complete our work on the groundbreaking FEMA Disaster Case Management Pilot program that initiated the formation of the MCMC idea. We consider it an honor to have been viewed as a partner within the disaster recovery efforts of the State of Mississippi as well as at the National level as a result of our participation in FEMA funded work. MCMC will continue to seek partnerships and projects that push forward the art of building relationships, within the State as well as throughout the Country and even Internationally as opportunities arise.

MCMC 5th Anniversary

September 12th, 2013

I participated in several events to commemorate the 5th anniversary of Katrina this past weekend. I am sure that many of you did as well. I heard inspiring messages and a great deal of thanks given to a huge number of groups. Volunteers were praised for their humanitarian service and their continued contributions to the recovery process. I listened as politicians thanked the crowds, and each other, for the fantastic work that has been done since August 29, 2005.

I watched a large number of adults shed tears and I even got a bit choked up myself a few times. It was astonishing to hear the numbers as they were spoken about, both in terms of dollars and of temporary housing units alike. I sat for long stretches of time, thought about all that has taken place during this half decade, and fully understood that many of the accomplishments and achieved goals would not have been a reality had it not been for the people who are called case managers. I only heard the term “case management” spoken once during the events that I attended, and yet I knew that most of the progress that has been made on the human side of the recovery would have never occurred had it not been for those who continually work behind the scenes and who perform the “yeoman’s job,” as Governor Barbour described to me yesterday afternoon.

While the work of case managers is not fully understood by many, the importance of your function is clearly understood by the Governor and his staff. I wanted to personally thank all of you who have worked tirelessly on many of the case management programs and initiatives that had existed since 2005, and I doubly thank you for your contributions to the Mississippi Case Management Consortium since 2008.

Now that we have looked back at what has occurred, let us look forward with new energy and resolve to accomplish even more moving into the future. We begin our first day of work on the sixth year of the recovery effort, almost on the same day that the MCMC project is slated to end programmatic operations. This is ironic and, at the same time, hopeful.

While the MCMC project begins to close operations as we know them, we can be certain that while so much work is left to do in the wake of Katrina, we will surely be afforded the opportunity to continue our service to others in some way. I remember that the end of the Katrina Aid Today project was a time of unease and anxiety for many of us, and yet the evolution of the MCMC project could only begin as KAT came to an end. My faith tells me that there is yet another opportunity waiting in the wings, yet to be discovered, and that all of the work I have experienced to this point has only been in preparation for what is around the corner. This knowledge gives me a sense of excitement, and peace, that balances my own anxiety and concern about the future. Let your faith guide you in the coming days and draw strength and peace from His plan for your life.

In closing this update, we need to express our sincere thanks to all of our supporters throughout the State: The MCVS Board of Directors and Staff; The Office of the Governor and all of the staff, including Gerald Blessey and so many others; MEMA and its entire staff; FEMA and their entire staff, both at the local and National level; all of our affiliate partners both current and former; the State VOAD organization and all of its members; GCCF; GCRC; all of the local and nationally elected officials, including Senators and Representatives, as well as their staff members who have assisted us throughout this project; and finally, our clients from whom we have gained so much in terms of education and experience.

Blessing and Peace to all who may read this message from the staff of MCMC.


Going the Traditional Way for Weight Loss

September 19th, 2013

A new online based weight loss program called Venus factor diet is gaining tremendous popularity recently. This is a fat loss and body sculpting program exclusively for women, hence the craze is so high. The program allows women to trick their fat burning hormone to burn more fat with the combination of good nutrition and easy home workouts.

Going the traditional way for weight loss is what the world is looking at these days as it is aimed at reaping long term benefits rather than just instant benefits. Ever wondered why do we have so many days on which our mothers and grandmothers fast? Fasting once a week is very important as it gives rest to our internal organs and prepares our immune system. Imagine working a whole week without a day off- similarly our internal organs need some rest.

VenusFactor is opposite to the above mentioned fact!

Watch the video below for some practical tips on losing weight.


However keeping in mind the stressful jobs, odd shift timings and changing work culture, the old methods and strategies have been simplified and customized so that they can be practiced without any damage. Choose a day to fast and start your day with green tea, digestive tea or lime water with honey. At 2 hour intervals, keep having fresh fruit juices. You can also substitute your fruit juice with soups.

Two hours after lunch go for aloe Vera juice or wheat grass juice as they are wonderful aids in weight loss. For all those who can’t do without a hot cup in the evening- sip a green tea which is full of anti-oxidants. End your day with a hot cup of milk but, make sure you hydrated throughout the day and have a light to moderate workout session to burn the extra calories.